Extrait : « Le xun 埙 (Pinyin xūn, prononcer "chun") est un instrument chinois très ancien, dont l'origine remonterait à 7 000 ans. Il s'agit d'une flûte globulaire en terre cuite,... »
Extrait : « xun, Wade-Giles romanization hsün, xun [Credit: Badagnani] Chinese vessel flute made of pottery, one of the oldest known Chinese instruments. ... »
A Brief Introduction to the Chinese Pottery Flute
Extrait : « Xun is one of the oldest musical instruments found so far in China with a history of more than 7,000 years. ... »
Extrait : « Xun, with a history of six to seven thousands years, is an earthen musical instrument, which can be categorized as a kind of ocarina.... »
Extrait : « The xun is one of the oldest musical instruments in China, with a history of approximately 7,000 years. It is said that the xun originated from the hunting tool of the stone meteor. ... »
Extrait : « The only earthen musical instrument is a kind of ocarina called Xun. It can produce sound with a tamber similar to that of human voice, and is suitable ... »
Extrait : « The Xun - pronounced shoon - is an ocarina related instrument of Chinese origin. They are technically similar to ocarinas being an air-reed vessel flute,... »
Extrait : « An ancient wind instrument likened to a dragon's eggs because of its odd shape, the early xun, or Chinese ocarina, was created out of mud or clay. ... »
Extrait : « Les huit catégories d'instruments de musique chinois sont: la soie, le bambou, le bois, la pierre, le métal, l'argile, la courge et le cuir.... »